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Funeral Services

Once we have been contacted, our Funeral Directors will arrange to meet with you to discuss the funeral requirements. Arrangements can be made at home or, if you would prefer, you are welcome to call into our office in Aldridge. At this time, your preferences for the Funeral will be discussed, including day and time of the service, flowers, newspaper notices, choice of coffin, etc.

A Funeral Service consists of various components, all of which can be arranged by William Mitchell. These can include the following services:

  • Arranging appropriate music, whether that be traditional hymns, live music (i.e. bagpipes) or popular songs.
  • Arrangement of our fleet of Hearses and Limousines to transport the deceased and loved ones or your own desired transport such as Horse and Carriage.
  • Choice of coffins, whether simple, traditional or other materials such as wicker.
  • Writing of a eulogy, or assistance with the right words.
  • Funeral locations based on numbers of anticipated mourners.
  • Flowers and floral collections for the coffin and ceremonial venue.

The Funeral Service of your loved one can be deeply personal. As well as a time for reflection, it should also be a celebration of the person’s life. William Mitchell are here to help you at every step of the way to ensure yours and your loved one’s wishes are met and that your Funeral Service is bespoke to the character and wishes of the deceased.